Tas Game Makers


Tasmanian Game Makers rebrand was designed to highlight the diversity in the Tasmanian gaming community through more energetic and approachable branding. I utilised illustrative brand assets to show the community’s diversity, and particularly focusing on dispelling the stereotype that gamers are male or male-identifying twenty-somethings. Through these design elements I was able to showcase the wide array of people involved in the game makers community, including illustrators, composers, art directors, interaction designers and script writers. I wanted the brand to reflect these people and the creative aspects of their work, which is the driving factor behind the use of illustration throughout the brand. 


Illustration follows the brand across other assets to again highlight community engagement for use on social media, websites and print collateral. While not all members of the gaming community come from the creative backgrounds that led to the design of the brand, gaming itself is a step into the world of design and creativity, albeit a small one, and that factor is effectively showcased through this brand.


Rebrand Tas Game Makers to be more inclusive in order to help grow the Tas game community and also give it a fresh, vibrant and approachable new look.

Skills and Experience

Art direction

Brand refresh