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As part of their refreshed brand in 2017, I created a UX/UI designed website to drive growth and interest and place the new additions to the park at the forefront of the minds of the potential visitors. From wireframe sketches to high fidelity designs, opening hours, location, and attractions became easily accessible for international, interstate and local visitors alike. This design was able to invoke the concept of experience; experience the sights, the accommodation, the new growth stemming from the burnt remains. 


The belief in the experience, and the ability through the new site to book both tickets and accommodation through the e-commerce portal, saw Tahune receive a monumental increase in online bookings and a step away from email and phone call communication asking questions about bookings and locations, which allows the Tahune staff to better serve their customers in person within the park.


Refresh website to match brand refresh and to create a better online user experience. To increase the amount of bookings through site to decrease time taken away from staff onsite.

Skills and experience

Digital (UI/UX) design