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Brand talk.

Lets get this straight. A brand is not just having a business name and a logo.

A brand is an experience that your consumers associate with your business, an intangible feeling that customers and clients remember.

Letterhead, business cards and social posts are examples of collateral that should all match your brand.

What is a brand?

Brands and branding are a necessity in this material world filled with material thrills, so it’s best to have one that captures hearts, minds and the almighty dollar.

A well thought out and successful brand should consist of the following: - A memorable business name - A logo - Typography (1-2 selected fonts that are used across all branding and marketing material) - A colour palette (usually 2-3 primary colours, with the possibility of secondary colours too) - Branding elements (any illustrations, flourishes or elements that add personality and strengthen your brand) - The tone of voice (A chosen and well-considered personality that influences the way your written copy speaks to your audience across all branding collateral) - A branding style guide (A document that guides you and anyone else creating print or digital collateral that is from your brand. This allows for consistency)

You know you have a successful brand experience when a customer can look at a poster or social media post and know it is from your business from the first glance.

How does a brand benefit my business?

Customers will remember the experience that your brand is accompanied with.

It is obvious to consumers when you have an incomplete brand or you haven’t thought it through.

First impressions are important, and so is consistency. Consistency builds trust with your consumers and it is this trust that will have your consumers returning to purchase your products if your products are good.

How do I get one?

Engage a designer who has experience in creating brands.

Do your research first and find someone who fits your style or who you think will capture the right experience. A good designer will consider who your target audience is, they’ll ask what impression you want to make with your consumers and they’ll work with you to nail the finished brand.

How much does a good brand cost?

Let's talk dollars. How much is a good brand going to set you back?

The cost of a good brand will depend on who you engage to create it. There is a lot of time, research and refinement that goes into building a brand, as we’ve outlined above.

As an estimate, a freelance designer could charge upwards of $1500 AUD depending on their experience, the timeline in which you need the brand and how much feedback you have in the design process.

A studio will be more expensive to create your brand. There will be more collective experience and usually more than one set of eyes assessing, strategising and designing your brand. I won’t give an estimate for this one as studio fees vary. It’s best to contact a few local studios to seek quotes once you’ve done your research.

But I can get a logo off a cheaper website??

You can. But so can your next door neighbour, and so can your competitor.

Have you put any of your brand personality, identity or ‘you’ into this cheaper and quick logo? I’ll leave that with you to mull over.


Hit me up!

If you’re a business owner or a fellow designer and have some more questions about the process, final product or brands in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch. :)

A bit about me.

I’m Emily, a UX/UI designer, photographer, illustrator, social media and brand strategist living in Hobart, Tasmania.

I work on big business designs at Neon Jungle on Hobart’s Waterfront and on small business designs as a freelancer. I’m passionate about building brands and digital presences’ for small businesses in Tasmania.

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