Franklin Hall

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Jane Franklin Hall’s brand refresh set out to target a younger audience whilst still showing Jane’s dependability, spirit and academia. The brand had to connect with future and current students of Jane, as well as the parents choosing accommodation for their children. I set out to highlight how Jane would be their family away from home and would be a supportive environment that would give students everything they’d need.


The brand emphasises the long history of Jane and delivered building illustrations from birds eye view of the college to create brand assets, while illustrations of rooms match building assets and are accurate representations of the layouts of rooms.


From prospective student to graduate, university education and living as part of the Jane community is a journey. This is the backbone belief that guides a user’s journey through the web page. The website highlights the main points of difference between Jane and other accommodation alternatives and sets out to demonstrate the community aspects of Jane. Each section was wireframed and pieced together to create Jane and imagery was used to piece the sections together.


As part of the brand’s family and community-based approach, it was important for the site to be responsive for students accessing their notice boards on the go, as well as for parents browsing the site and for alumni wanting updates, which is why a particular focus was also placed on the site’s mobile compatibility. 


Some of my favourite elements of the design are the parallaxing Jane buildings through the page, the map of where alumni are around the world and the illustrations of the rooms.


Refresh the Jane brand for a younger audience, while still keeping its history. Create a responsive website that communicates the benefits of the Jane community to gain more applications. Create a more user-friendly portal for Jane students and alumni. Design print and digital marketing collateral that highlights Jane.

Skills and experience

Brand refresh

Digital (UX/UI) design


Print marketing collateral

Digital marketing collateral