Gap in the Fence

Gap in the Fence.png

Gap in the Fence is a simple, versatile UI-designed site that allows artistic productions and news to shine on an international scale. The responsive design considered the needs of both the end-user and the back-end users; Theatre life is a busy life, and not one with time to waste on difficult to access and maintain platforms. As such, the bold, professional and friendly site is designed to be as easy as possible for the client to manage on their own. 


The site operates as an online portfolio of productions to highlight the client’s experience and talent, while also providing a user-centric journey for future collaborators to get in touch and work with the client. As the name evokes, Gap in the Fence offers a peek into the life of the producer with the look and feel of behind the scenes access.


Design a minimalistic but versatile user-centric portfolio and newsite for prospective clients or collaborators to view Gap in the Fence’s work and contact for future collaboration.

Skills and experience

Digital (UI) Design