Earthling Cup

Earthling Cup.png

Earthling Cup is a small Tasmanian business that has strong sustainable, eco-friendly values and wanted representation of this in their brand. In creating their e-commerce site, I created a custom illustration that links the sustainable travel cup with the natural ingredients typically placed inside them; coffee and tea. The site is designed to be a user-centric platform that emphasise the cups first and foremost, with the ability for users to custom filter by size and colour. The art-directed promotional photography again draws on the brands eco-friendly and sustainable values. 


As well as the design of the e-commerce site, I created and managed the social media accounts that link back to the site. As part of this, I created social media content and photographed cups around Salamanca; utilising the urban landscape and the natural materials to create a striking juxtaposition.


I am pleased to have seen this brand get its start in an increasingly eco-conscious community, and I am proud that the hero illustration for the e-commerce site was recognised and nominated for a Diemen Award.


Create a brand that has a strong presence across website and social media. Design a user-centric e-commerce store that highlights and sells cups. Manage and post for social media accounts.

Skills and experience

Brand refresh

Digital (UX/UI) design


Social media content

Social media management