Digital Ready for Daily Life

Digital Ready for Daily life broadens the horizons of the Digital Ready program and sets its sights on improving the digital literacy of the broader Tasmanian population. This UI-designed sister-site has its own brand, but features a visual link with the refreshed Digital Ready brand and the Tasmanian Government brand. The site was specially designed with low income households, older Tasmanians and people not in paid employment in mind, as these audiences make up the largest proportion of those in the community with lower digital capabilities. As such, making the site as accessible as possible was a strong driver behind the design.


While custom illustrations provide a link with the Digital Ready brand, these illustrations predominately help to effectively communicate to users what they should expect from the Daily Life programs as well as providing visual representation of the communities that Daily Life was created to support. Branded print materials also use these illustrations as attention-grabbing elements to reach those who the site is targeted towards.


Design of a sister micro-site that features the Daily Life programs, where they’re located, what they’re about and how to get there, designed inline with the Tasmanian government style guide.

Skills and experience

Digital (UI/UX) design



Social media assets

Print design including finished artwork for marketing collateral