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Hello there, I'm Emily, a generalist digital designer who is passionate about creating stunning and functional user interfaces.


I have an empathetic, experienced, and diverse design perspective that allows me the ability to 'get into the mind' of the user and design an experience from their eyes. I have collaborated with clients spanning a range of different industries and have worked in teams within both agency and corporate environments.

I design strong and memorable brands and websites from the strategy stage to launch, designing for a range of screen sizes and platforms. Accessibility is at the forefront of my mind when I approach my work, as we all have a duty to make the digital space as open and accessible as possible.

I am a confident, extroverted individual and would love for you to say hello and take a look at my work.


Art direction from concept to launch

Strong conceptual thinking

Digital storyteller with strong UX/UI design skills

Original branding design inline with business personality and values

Responsive mobile-first design sourcing libraries like material.io


Ability to think from user perspective

Directing photoshoots and collaborating with other creatives

Lo-Fi and wireframing problem solving

A/B testing

Print design and finished artwork

Digital marketing and social media content design

Psychology of colour and typography



Coaching small businesses on building their online presence




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Currently based in

Brisbane, Australia